The easy guide to how to wash ugg boots?

Ugg boots although extremely helpful during the rain can be hard to clean. It is for this reason that you need an easy guide on how to wash ugg boots. There are three easy steps to helping you clean you’re Ugg boots and these steps are as followed.

The use of a suede brush to help comb out the larger dust and dirt particles: Step one in how to wash ugg boots is all about helping you use a suede brush and slowly and carefully cleaning out all the parts of your Ugg boots and making sure that they are free from all the large dust and dirt particles. This way you have made your way successfully through the first step of cleaning your Ugg boots. This not only helps you in the cleaning of larger dust particles but also prepare the boots for a cleaning process as it softens the nap.


  1. Dampen the outer surface of the boots: Wet the outside of the boots by soaking a piece of cloth in water and after wringing out the excess water brushing the boots with the cloth. This helps the cleaning product to get to the Ugg boots aiding the cleaning process.
  2. Take a small amount of cleaning product: The thirds step on how to wash ugg boots uses a damp sponge to apply the cleaning product onto the boots and slowly clean it starting at the top and spending extra time to clean the dirty parts of the boots. Be careful that the cleaner is applied everywhere on the boots if this is not the case then the Ugg boots will end up having water marks when they dry out. So make sure you apply the cleaner evenly and spend more time gently rubbing the dirtier parts of the boots. If you notice that the sponge has become dirty rinse it out and clean it this way you won’t end up spreading the dirt from one area on the boot to another.
  3. Rinse with cold water: When you are satisfied that you have cleaned the boots perfectly rinse them with cold water. The easiest way to do this is by running cold water down the outer surface of the Ugg boots. You may also use a wet cloth to help wipe the cleaner off of them. Do it thoroughly but at the same time be quick too much contact with water can cause damage to the leather.
  4. Newspapers to maintain shape: The second last step of how to wash ugg boots makes use of old newspapers and stuff the boots with these as the washing may ruin their shape this will help them maintain their shape. Apart from newspapers paper towels can also be used to help them retain their shape.
  5. Overnight: Leave the boots to dry out for 24 to 42 hours once they are completely dried out they can be used. Make sure they are completely dried before using them as they can damage your feet as well. Do not place the boots directly under sunlight or any other heat source. They need to dry out naturally.

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