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Naot is one of the most established global footwear brands. It was founded in 1942, and now its shoes are worn all over the world. Each year, thousands of shoes are manufactured using the best quality of Italian leathers, cork and latex. The company uniquely designs footwear with the idea ‘it’s fashionable to walk in comfort’. The Naot shoes and sandals consist of an anatomical footbed which molds according to the contours of the wearer’s foot. Foot health is of main concern in the production process of Naot shoes. Naot footwear is orthopedic. The shoes are very durable as they are made with highest quality materials which can withstand different climates. The footbed is removable and gives relief to patients who have aching problems and those who suffer from bunions.

Naot Monetery

The Naot Monetery is a women’s sandal and is a part of Naot’s high Scandinavian collection. A Naot Monetery is a slide sandal with a z-strap design. It is intricately designed with a toe loop which is hidden inside the goring. This sandal is made of quality leather upper which gives a graceful look to women’s feet. It has a removable, anatomical, suede covered cork and natural footbed which keeps your feet fresh. It is a handmade sandal which ensures the best and comfortable walk.

Product Specification

Naot Monetery has the following product notables:

Style: 67830
Materials: Synthetic outsole, leather upper, natural latex footed and removable cork
Footbed: Scandinavian
Fit: Medium width
Heel Height: 1¾”
Weight: 9.5 oz
Sole: 1.75″ polyutherane
Platform: ¾”
Lining: Leather
Colors: Black Matte, Walnut

Special Features

These shoes are very durable, comfortable and add grace to your image. Listed below are the features of this product:

  • Shock resistant footbed: The footbed is made of natural materials that protect your feet and wipes away the moisture.
  • Good quality rubber sole: The sole is made of poyutherane which maintains flexibility and protects from erosion.
  • Hallux support: The hallux support prevents the foot from slipping forward and maintains the foot’s grip on the shoe.
  • A wide footbed: The footbed is so uniquely designed that it distributes the weight of the body evenly.
  • Footbed center: The elevated footbed center releases pressure of the joints that are present in the middle of the feet.
  • Arch Support: This part supports the center of the body and reduces pressure that is exerted by the spinal cord on the foot.
  • Deep heel indentation: This prevents the heel bone from aching.


The best use of money is for something which is durable and lasts long. Naot Monetery is thus among the best thong sandals available for women. These sandals deliver ultimate pleasure and comfort in every step. These sandals are crafted beautifully and last for years. These are definitely the footwear of your dreams. The Monetery is designed for active women and are both comfortable as well as easy on the eyes. Glamorous and fashionable ladies who have a love for a variety of shoes and footwear must have these sandals in their shoe collection.

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