Naot Footbeds – The Finest Ones in Town

A footbed runs under the bottom of the foot and is the inner part of a shoe. It is also known as an innersole or insole. Footbeds play a vital role in a person’s fitness and performance. Naot footbeds are so uniquely designed that you feel like you’re standing on a pillow. These footbeds are designed to support your foot in all the delicate areas like heel, arch, hallux and center.

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Anatomy of the Naot Footbed

Naot footbeds are made from natural materials like cork and latex and are made to absorb moisture and provide comfort to your feet. There are four basic parts of a footbed:

  1. Hallux: The hallux stops the foot from slipping forward and improves the grip.
  2. Elevated center: This part supports the central joints in the foot.
  3. Arch: The arch support releases pressure and distributes the weight of the body evenly.
  4. Heel: The heel of a footbed protects the heel bone.

Naot Footbeds Collection

The Naot footbeds are widely classified into two types:

Men’s footbeds

A variety of men’s footbeds are designed under this company which includes the following and then some:

  • Men’s Classic
  • Men’s Console
  • Men’s Executive
  • Men’s Koru
  • Men’s Origin
  • Men’s Scandinavian
  • Men’s Walker

Women’s footbeds

The women’s footbeds are of the following types:

  • Allegro
  • Aura
  • Baroque
  • Be
  • Campus
  • Classic
  • Dafna
  • Elegant
  • Koru
  • Low Scandinavian
  • New wildlife
  • Prima Bella
  • Shell
  • Vineyard
  • Wildlife

Choosing a Footbed for Yourself

There are basically two main types of feet: ones that have high arches and ones with low arches. A Naot footbed is specially designed for all types of feet. Each footbed has a different style for the type of activity and arch support that the wearer needs. So, first you have to decide on a footbed by looking at the shape of your foot.

Naot Quality and Durability

A Naot footbed is forever supporting and comfortable for your feet. These footbeds are very durable because of the quality materials used:

  • The soles are designed with latex, good quality rubber and polyutherane that maintain flexibility and protect them from erosion.
  • The materials used are of best quality which absorb moisture and are shock resistant.
  • The upper side is made of natural Italian leather that keeps the foot oxygenated.

How to Care for Your Naot Footbed

You can get the most out of your Naot footbed if you take good care of them. This way they’ll be more comfortable and last long. Take a look at the following instructions and try to follow them in order to ensure the longevity of your foot:

  • Prevent the shoes or sandals from getting wet. Wipe and dry them as soon as possible.
  • Use the Naot brushes to clean dirt from the shoes.
  • Keep the Naot footwear away from extreme temperatures.


Naot footbeds are definitely a good investment when it comes to footwear. They are well-fitted, durable, comfortable, gives support in aches and pains, and make your activity more fun. These footbeds can turn an ordinary shoe into an extremely comfortable and durable shoe.


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