Love ‘em Wedges

Wedge boots are made of hulking soles carved out of hard materials like rubber and wood. People wear them a lot nowadays as these boots have become a fashion trend which is spreading like an endemic. Some wear them to follow the trend, while others wear them to make themselves look taller. Everyone has their reasons, but whatever it is, one thing is common in all: wedge boots are a hit in the market.

Photo Credits  Flickr

Photo Credits Flickr

We all are in love with wedges, nobody can deny that. These comfortable heels are the best for those who want to wear heels but find it very hard to carry them. Wedge boots are the fortunate happening that has happened not only to such people, but to all of us. Nonetheless, these comfortable boots bring the best of both worlds by providing luxury as well as comfort at the same time, which is rare to find.

Let’s walk down memory lane a little

Moshe Morris Kimmel, a show designer, designed the very first wedge boot back in 1930s, for a renowned actress whose name was Marlene. Kimmel was a Jew who escaped Berlin, Germany, and settled down in the United State of America along with his family and opened his very own shoe factory.
The wedge boot gained huge and wild popularity in the 1960s to 1980s in the United States of America, Europe and United Kingdom.

Kimmel’s designs became a sensation amongst Beverly Hills elites and everyone went crazy over the introduction of these comfortable yet luxurious heeled boots because no one could ever think that a shoe with so many features packed in one could be created.

Configuration of these amazing and astounding boots

Wedge boots are extremely comfortable upon wearing them. And adding the bonus, they have got the looks too. These boots hold up comfortable arch support but footwear with that arrangement never look that alluring and feel that snug.

These boots make you stay stable on your feet for a longer period of time as they have an adaptable and flexible style.

Shoes have always been the outfit bonbon, but wedge boots take it to another level with their extremely comfortable design and stylish chic looks. These boots manage to look casual yet dressy so you can pair them with almost everything, from ripped skinny jeans to fancy dresses. They get along well with anything that you throw at them, from jeans to skirts, shorts and one piece dresses, giving you a touch of sophistication and grace.

This amazing set of footwear provides you with more comfort and stability as compared to other heeled shoes like pumps and high peep toes, which are not just difficult to carry but are also painful to wear. You cannot wear pumps, peep toes and stilettos for long because they make your feet hurt a lot and leave stinging and scarring on the feet. However, you can wear these wedges for 24 hours and you won’t feel pain but be comfortable and look elegant at the same time.

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